1. Share something about your native and Alma mater? (Schooling & College)
My native place is Senamvilai, a small village near Nagercoil, a place I love a lot for its scenic beauty.
I completed my primary education in Don Bosco, Broadway, Secondary Education in St. Gabriel's Higher Secondary School and Higher Secondary Education in Muthialpet Higher Secondary School. I did my UG and PG in the University of Madras under Correspondence Stream. I completed M.Phil from Presidency College.

2. How come "Shelley" in your name? Is he your father's favourite poet?
It is an interesting story. In my village, there lived a person called Shelly Nelson, who was a professor in Government College. My parents wanted me also to become a professor. So they christened me with that name. I am quite happy for truly living to their dreams.

3. Tell us about your career path so far and what are your future plans?
I am very much pleased with my career path. Initially teaching was one of my hobbies only. After completing HSC, I was given a chance to teach Mathematics for X standard CBSE students in Sam Tuition Centre, where I studied HSC mathematics tuition. Later on Mr.Samudram, my role model teacher, gave me a chance to teach mathematics in his tuition centre. This is how I was planted in this career. Meanwhile, I completed M. Phil in Commerce in 2006. Immediately I joined as Lecturer in Shree Chandra Prabhu Jain College. Since July 2008, I have been serving for TSN. My future plans are to author some books and to do quality research works.

4. Are you pursuing Phd? If so, explain your research topic in a few words.
Yes, I am pursuing P.hd in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. My research area is Brand Personality. Brand personality is personification of brand. For example, Hindustan Unilever Limited associated its bath soap 'Hamam' with the personality trait 'Honest'. Likewise consumers may perceive a particular brand to have a certain personality. In my dissertation, I tried to answer the research question - what causes (antecedents of brand personality) a consumer to form Brand Personality?

5. Name a few academicians/intellectuals who have inspired you?
I can mention one person, who inspired me as an academician. He is one of my father's friends Mr Samuthram. He was a teacher in K. C. Sankaralinga Nadar Higher Secondary School. When I was in ninth standard, I joined his tuition centre for science. I was really amazed by his passion for teaching.
Regarding intellectuals I admire the German Mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss for finding the sum of first n natural numbers, when he was in school.

6. What is the role of FDI in India?
When anyone speaks about FDI, the following lines of Poet Maruthakasi immediately flash on my mind.

The role of FDI is stimulating the economic development of our country without affecting domestic investment. Is it so?

7. How would the Chinese currency devaluation affect the Indian Economy?
The clever move of currency devaluation or the so called currency war will surely affect Indian Economy in one way or the other. One of the main aims of devaluation is to boost their exports. The Chinese are quiet famous for dumping their goods in India. This devaluation will encourage them to dump their goods in India which will affect Indian entrepreneurs and Indian economy.

8. What are the opportunities available for students in Commerce field, in respect to their career?
Accountancy is one such career option exclusively available to commerce students. A wide range of Career paths are there in accounting field from the entry level positions to executive level. Growth in this field depends upon their qualification. Capital market also opened new avenues for commerce students. A plenty of opportunities are there in banking and insurance sectors, which also offer lucrative remuneration. Doors are open for public services too. Commerce graduates may also shine in e-commerce. If they prefer to be self-employed, then tax consultant, stock broker will be handy. Ofcourse, professional courses are also there for those, who aim high.

9. Now a days, the word CA has become very common among the students. How far students are successful in pursuing the same?
As a profession, Chartered Accountancy course assures high returns and a respectable social status in the society. Hence, it has become a common practice among students to register for the course. But only a few come out with flying colours. CA is not a tough course; of course, it's a course for tough people.

10.Influence of social media among youngsters- share your ideas.
Good and bad are there everywhere and in everything. Social media is no exception to that notion. Regarding social media I endorse the point of view of Amy Jo Martin "Just as we teach our children how to ride a bike, we need to teach them how to navigate social media and make the right moves that will help them. The physical world is similar to the virtual world in many cases. It's about being aware. We can prevent many debacles if we're educated".

11. You have been recently appointed as in-charge of the department of ISM? How do you feel and what are your plans for the department?
When I was informed that I have been appointed as the in charge of ISM department, I was really excited. Infact it motivates me to work more vigorously for the upliftment of myself, students and college. Maintaining discipline among the students and to horn the skills of the students are my objectives. The plans for 'Learning as a fun Activity' for the current semester are as follows: