Dr.S.Srividya, Assistant Professor

Department of Biochemistry

How did you get interested in NSS? Who inspired you?
My Father inspired me to join in National Service Scheme. Through SAI TRUST, he has served in a village which he adopted till his last breath.

What are the awareness campaigns and events conducted by the NSS club? Share your experience.
As an NSS Programme Officer, I organized Hand Washing Programme ,Mental Health Awareness programme, Helmet Awareness programme, Breast Feeding Awareness programme, Polio awareness campaign etc . As a mile stone -NSS volunteers participated in Loksabha elections 2014 and received certificates from the State Government. A sense of satisfaction was felt by us after each and every event.

What about the role of students in the activities?
The students actively participated in all the events. They involve in Venue arrangements, Registration, Hospitality, Feedback collection etc .They received appreciation from the collector for their service in Polio Vaccination Camp at Navalur Tollgate.

Have you taken part in any club activities during your schooling/graduation?
I did my schooling in O.C.P.M Girls Higher Secondary School, Madurai. I was a leader in my school Science club. When I started my career in M.A.V.M.M.A.V.College Madurai , I served as NSS programme officer and our unit won cup for donating blood in large numbers.

Share with us about the Wellness Initiative in our college? Tell us about the events conducted.
Wellness initiative is the brain child of Dr. S. Venkatraman, Vice President ( Education & Training ), The India Cements Ltd. Through Wellness Intiative ,we conduct Dental Camp, General Medical Camp , Eye Camp every year for the students and reports are recorded in their Health Cards. Dr Augustine Arokiaraj has been appointed as Medical Officer, who conducts medical checkup for the students and students who need further treatments are referred to specialists. We have the follow up action in particular cases.

Why you think Wellness is important for students, particularly those coming from rural areas?
Wellness is very important for our students as they come from low socio-economic background. We diagonised a student with severe heart problem, who recovered after surgery. Also we identified many students with anemia, diabetes etc. They are referred to specialist and their reports are monitored.

Tell us about the Hand Washing campaign by Wellness Club.
Good Handwashing protects us against the spread of many illnesses from common cold to hepatitis. We use to conduct Handwashing demonstration for our students to create awareness through displaying Hand washing pamphlets in wash rooms, canteen etc.

You are trained in Biochemistry, how do you think your background in Science has helped you in your work with Wellness programme?
As Biochemistry is the backbone of Medical Science, it helped me a lot in conducting wellness programmes, by analyzing the reports given by the doctors.

How do you create awareness for the girl students regarding their health and hygiene?
Breast feeding awareness programme was conducted for girl students. Awareness regarding health and hygiene has been given by a Gynocoligist. Also we have installed a napkin vending machine for the benefit of girl students.

Signify any Community Outreach programme conducted by Wellness Club and the response of public.
International Hand Washing Day is commemorated every year on 15 th October to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their hand washing habits. Hand washing campaign has been conducted at Vanianchavadi school by giving demonstration on the procedure involved in hand washing. The school students enthusiastically learnt the method.