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Dr.V.Jyothi lakshmi
Mrs. D.Thenmozhi
Mrs. S.Jayaprasanna


Science Club is a platform for young minds to enjoy the simple Science found in day to day life. The club has been started with the sole intention to develop scientific temparament among students.
The objective of the club is clear enough but what does it do for its members as a whole.
The members of this club have the opportunity to

  • Participate in club activities.
  • Participate in Science related Competitions.
  • Learn to conduct /organise programmes.
  • Understand their surrounding and their life style.
  • Improve their thinking and capacity to learn.
  • Use Science on Daily basis.

  • This club will lead to fruitful journey of learning Science with fun.

    Science Club Activity Report - 2018-19

    Date: 4, 5 and 6 September 2018
    Venue: Elango Arangam
    Objective of the Programme:
    The National Nutrition Week (NNW) is an educational event initiated by Food and Nutrition Board, MWCD, Government of India. It is observed throughout the country from 1 to 7 September every year. To commemorate this event, the college Science Club organized various inter departmental competitions on 4, 5 and 6 September 2018 for our students. The competitions were based on the theme ‘Proper Nutritional Status among Children, Adolescent Girls, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers’. The first event ‘Saththana Unavu Valamana Vazhvu’ on 4 September 2018 involved a total of 15 teams. Each team displayed a wide variety homemade nutritious food items in their well decorated stalls. Participants explained the nutritious value of ingredients used in their food to staffs and students. Poster drawing and Rangoli competitions were held on 5 and 6 September 2018 respectively. The following staff members acted as judges for various events:
    Food stall Competition
     Mrs. P. Nappenei, Dept. of Economics
     Mrs. K. Jayasree, Manager (Accounts & Administration)
    Poster Presentation
     Mr. T. Ravi Sankar, HOD, Dept. of Computer Science
     Mr. D. Venkatesan, Dept of Commerce
     Mrs. Garima Jaishankar, Librarian
    Rangoli Competition
     Mrs. S. Punnithavathi, Dept. of Computer Science
     Mr. S. Rajesh Kannan, Dept. of B.Com ISM
     Mrs. S. Sabeetha, Dept. of BBA
    The event drew to a close on 12 September 2018 with the valedictory function. Valedictory started with welcomed address by Dr.P.Mahalakshmi, Convener-Science Club. The chief Guest for the occasion Mrs.D.Usha Rani, Demonstration Officer (Gr I), Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development gave an awareness talk on Prevention of Anemia of in Women to the staff and students. Concluding remarks on the event was given by principal Dr.R.Gayatri. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs.S.Jyaprasanna, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Computer Science.
    Prize Winners :
    Event: Nutritious Recipes Competition
    I Prize: III BIO-S.Gayatri, R.Jebina Rani
    II Prize: III BIO- S.Veeralakshmi, S.Nivetha
    III Prize: V CST - S.Sharmila, P.Muthumeena. III BIO- A.Veronica, R.Soniya
    Event: Poster Drawing Competition
    I Prize: III BIO - A.Veronica
    II Prize: III BIO - K.Megala
    III Prize: III ISM - A.Preethi
    Event: Rangoli Competition
    I Prize: III ISM - A.Ramya Preethi, A.Preethi
    II Prize: III BIO - A.Veronia, S.Kasthuri. III CS - V.Praveena, S.Janani
    III Prize: III ISM - K.Dhivya, S.Gayatri
    The event served as an important step towards educating students the importance of nutrition and utilization of traditional and indigenous food resources for good health.

    Science Club Inauguration - Namma Sappadu - Food Stall Competition

    Date: Sep 1, 2017
    Venue: CANTEEN
    Objective of the Programme:
    The National Nutrition Week (NNW) is an annual nutrition event initiated by Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. It is observed throughout the country from 1 to 7 September every year. To commemorate this event, the college, Science Club organized a Traditional food stall competition named Namma Sappadu on 1 September 2017 for the students. Promotion of traditional healthy food as source of nutrition through active participation of younger generation was the main goal of the event. A total of 22 teams from the Departments participated in the competition. The main criterion for the competition was preparation of nutritious food items using only indigenous produce. The 22 teams displayed a wide variety of tasty and delicious homemade food items in their well decorated stalls. Participants explained the nutritious value of ingredients used in their food to the visitors. Three judges Mrs.P.Nappenei, Department of Economics, Mrs.S.R.Vanitha, Department of Statistics and Mr.K.Pandurangan, Office Staff finalised the winners.
    Prize Winners :
    I Prize: Amudhavalli. M, Sujatha. S (III BCA)
    II Prize: Veeralakshmi.S, Gayathri.S, Jebina Rani.R (II B.Sc Bio)
    III Prize: Nivetha.S, Veronica.A, Soniya.R (II B.Sc Bio)
    The programme was coordinated by the Science Club committee.

    Educational trip to Birla Planetarium

    The Science Club members of our college visited B. M. Birla Planetarium, located in Kotturpuram, Chennai on 24 February 2017. The planetarium is an integral part of Periyar Science and Technology Centre, a premier institute in Tamil Nadu, India. We were welcomed by a very green and spacious institution with side walls painted with useful and interesting milestones in Science.
    The tour started at Sky Theatre, an Indoor Universe that can seat 236 individuals. A documentary film explaining the Life on Planet was recreated on the specially perforated aluminium inner dome. The show carried the students through the space and proved to be an excellent learning opportunity for students to understand astronomical phenomenon. The planetarium features a circumferential hall of fame around the Sky theatre with portraits and statues of scientists and photographs and models of various heavenly bodies, celestial phenomena and space missions. At the 3D theatre the students had a breathtaking experience watching the evolutionary paths of long-extinct prehistoric and under water life forms and the feel of Roller Coaster ride . The campus also houses eight galleries, namely, Physical Science, Electronics and Communication, Energy, Life Science, Innovation, Transport, International Dolls and Children and Materials Science, with over 500 exhibits. The students gained insight on the breadth of human accomplishments through the life size exhibits at these campuses. Of these two are note worthy: Gallery on Space mission and Dr.Solomon Victor Heart Museum. At the heart museum the students of life science stream gained insight on animal physiology through models depicting the structure and functions of animal body parts.
    A total of 74 students from all streams of Science club and 5 staff members participated in the trip. We thank the management for providing our college Science Club with such a learning opportunity.
    Staff Members:
    1. Dr.J.Vanathi HOD CS DEPT.
    2.D.Thenmozhi Asst.Prof CS DEPT
    3.S.Lawrence Asst.Prof. CS DEPT.
    4.Dr.JyothiLakshmi Asst.Prof BIO-CHEMSITRY DEPT.
    5.Mrs .Elizabeth Sangeetha Asst.Prof STATS DEPT.

    Science Club 2016-17 Inauguration Report

    The Science Club was officially inaugurated for the academic year 2016-17 on 17 August 2016. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. R. BaskarRaman, Architect and Green Energy Specialist, Chennai. His talk on ‘Nature in Everyday Life’ gave a wide understanding on the role and significance of five elements in human life and how our knowledge of science can help us to utilize them in a sustainable way. He highlighted the economic benefits of switching to renewable sources of energy such as solar power. In his talk, he also urged the students to utilise the resources available to them to gain scientific knowledge and avail the ample business opportunities in renewal energy sector.
    The programme was coordinated by the science club committee. The gathering was welcomed by Mr. S. Lawrence, Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Science. Dr.V.Jyothilakshmi, Lecturer, Dept. of Biochemistry gave a presentation titled ‘Science Facts’. She introduced the members to the objectives and achievements of the club for the year 2015-16 and gave them a glimpse of the scientific world around. Subsequent to her talk, the following office bearers elected were introduced for the current academic year by Mrs.J.Vanathi, Convener .
    The office Bearers :
    1. President - Anitha Archana. J, Dept. of Computer Science
    2. Vice-President -Jobin Mon. C, Dept. of Computer Science
    3. Secretary - Umamaheswari. P, Dept. of Biochemistry
    The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Ms.T. Elizabeth Sangeetha, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Statistics. The event was an eye opener to the student community.

    International Yoga Day Report

    The International Day of Yoga was observed in our college on 21 June 2016. To mark this day, a LEC-DEM on yoga was organised. Yoga practitioner Mr.Anbarasan of World Community Service Centre (WCSC) was invited to demonstrate different Yoga postures and explain the correct way of doing asanas to the students.
    Thiru. Anbarasan gave an in depth talk on the role of yoga in attaining emotional stability and physical agility. He made the students to perform the asanas all along with clear explanation on the method and purpose. Students enthusiastically took part lunging forward, raising and stretching, and slowly inhaling and exhaling. About 61 students from various departments of our college benefited from the programme. Students present at the session expressed their experience and stated that they felt relaxed, refreshed and calm after the session.
    The event was jointly organised by our college Science, Sports and Wellness Committees. A pre-brief on the purpose and benefits of yoga was arranged for the participants on 20 June 2016 by the Principal, Vice Principal and Professors Mrs.J.Vanathi, Mr. T.Ravi Shankar and Mrs. R. Lavanya.

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