Department of Computer Science

1. Share about your native and educational background with us.
I was born and brought up in Chennai. I completed my primary education in Government school, Secondary & Higher Secondary education in N.K.T.National girls' Higher Secondary school. I did my UG and PG degree in Vallimammal College for women, Chennai. I completed M.Phil degree in Periyar University.

2. Being a Chennaiate you must have seen both 'Madras' and 'Chennai' -share your views.
Quite a few years ago, as we drove through madras, it seemed a quaint little city, with the identity (Rippon building, santhome church, central railway station, Coovam River) still dominating the scene. Now the city has made a transformation and is making concerted effort to move towards a more modern future. Old madras, with independent fine houses and non-polluted green environment, was a peaceful city and new Chennai has become cosmopolitan in every sense of the word ethnic and sophisticated. In 1996 the name Madras became Chennai.

3. Tell us about North Chennai.
North Chennai is a geographic term used to refer to the northern part of Chennai city. It is probably the most thickly populated segment of Chennai, dotted with industries, both large and small. North Chennai region covers zones of Thiruvottiyur, Manali, Madhavaram, Tondiarpet and Royapuram. Development of Chennai metro will improve the connectivity with the rest of Chennai.

4.Brief your experience?
While I was doing my PG degree, I did my project in Covansys international IT Company located in MEPS, Tambaram and continued as a trainee cum employee for 2 months in 2001. During the period there was a recession in IT field and so I thought of a complete change over in my career and joined as a lecturer in Valliammal College for Women. After the completion of 4 years, I was promoted as the Head of the Department of Computer Science and assisted in various course affiliation, college affiliation and AICTE work. Since June 2010, I have been serving in T.S.Narayanaswami College of Arts & Science.

5. Mention the strategy you apply to maintain discipline among students.
I set up the students' mind in the very beginning of class, regarding discipline. If we want our students to take us seriously, it's important to look and act professional. Eye contact and Nonverbal communication are my effective means of classroom management.

6. Name three scientists whom you admire (National/ International).
I admire Dr.APJ Abdul kalam, missile man of India widely referred to as the People's president. Dr.Kalam's humility and dedication to public service is an inspiration to millions of Indians.
Srinivasa Ramanujam, born as a Mathematics genius and known for his brilliancy in Mathematical analysis, number theory and infinite serious inspired me a lot.
I also admire Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century and the author of numerous inventions and theories that transformed a lot of concepts linked to space and time, with the most important discovery, the theory of relativity.

7. As a person teaching computer science, tell us what are the areas that students often find interesting to learn and think of studying further?
Computer science students can pursue Master of Science in that field to make them more suitable candidates for competitive career opportunities. In the Students' point of view, they prefer to become software engineers. To become professionals they should focus on all the programming languages. Most of the students have an interest in the areas of Animation, Web Designing, Computer Graphics, etc., which is based on creativity and innovative ideas.

8. Why India is lowly ranked in innovation in Science and Technology? How can we improve this?
In spite of India having better scientific research institutions, R & D and innovation capabilities are lower than other BRICS countries. Students should have an ability to create, distribute and exploit knowledge. The country needs to turn a brain drain into a brain gain and increase the quality of education at all levels.

9. Your views on women being entrepreneurs-explain.
Women entrepreneurs encompass approximately one third of all entrepreneurs worldwide. Before 20th century, women were operating business as a way of supplementing income. The federation of business and professional women's club were a source of encouragement to women entrepreneurs. Many surveys show that women start their own business for a variety of reasons like passion, balanced life and flexible work schedule. Women also have a great ability to multi-task. They don't want hand holding and are willing to face success or failure with a balanced mind.

10. What are your future plans to improve yourself in academic field?
There is no circumference in the journey of teaching/learning process. I am planning for a quality research work and have started the base work. I prepared materials, for the subjects' data structure and computer graphics I am also planning to publish it as a book, which will be helpful to students.