Mr.D.Sampath Kumar

Department of Commerce

1. Tell us about yourself briefly (Native, educational background, previous experience)
I was born and brought up in Otteri,Chennai. I did my schooling at Kotti M. Abbu Chettiar High School and St. Paul's Higher Secondary School. I completed all my degree courses (B. Com., M. Com, M. Phil, B.A. (Hindi), etc.) through distance education. I did all the courses, while working. I had worked in various organizations as Paper man to Printing Assistant, Electrical Assistant to Accounts Assistant, Courier man to Computer Operator, Salesman to Stenographer for 10 years and serving as Teaching Staff for more than 15 years.

2. Share about an incident, which is a turning point in your life.
There have been many turning points in my life. The most significant one was that, I passed SLET Examination at first attempt in the year 1999 and that led me to teaching profession. In this connection, I am always grateful to two persons in my life. One Mr. Rama Murthy, my family friend who took initiative to change and start my career as teacher and another one, Mrs. Poongothai, a Tamil teacher, my colleague in Maruti Institute, Perambur, who guided me to write SLET. I am standing as a Professor now, because of them only,

3. How did you know about TSN College and why did you prefer this college to continue your career?
I came to know about T.S.N. College through advertisement for the post of Asst. Professor in Newspaper in April, 2012. I prefer this college to continue my career, because of the job satisfaction I am getting in teaching the students, who really want to learn more from me, including knowledge and good things in life.

4. Commerce teachers do less primary research compared to other disciplines such as Economics or Management? What is your view on this?
In my opinion, it is based on the research topic and research problem. The availability of data, time, money, etc. also determine the type of the research. I have seen many of the researches in Economics are based Secondary Data as their research problems are mostly based on the micro and macro-economic variables like Production, National Income, FDI, Savings, Investment, Economic Growth, Debt Management, etc. Many of the researches in Commerce are from primary research also. I did my Ph.D. in Commerce (Consumer Finance), which was based on Primary data (majority) and Secondary data. In case of Management, the research problems are mostly to study about consumers (Marketing) and Employees (HR), Investors (Banking and Finance), etc. So, these researches are mostly based on primary data. Some researchers in Finance (Commerce or Management) are using Secondary data for their research. In our college, majority of the staff members, who belong to Commerce, Corporate and Management departments, did/do their Ph.D in Primary Research only.

5. Can you name two inspiring personalities who have inspired in your profession?

6. Besides teaching, does a teacher need to inculcate ethics among students? The role of Teacher is not only disseminating knowledge or imparting information but also to create a stimulating environment to ensure that all students reach their full potential without any discrimination. The teacher should teach moral values and develop ethical behaviour among the students. As the teachers are the role model for their students, they should first practice ethics in their personal as well as professional life.

7. Give some suggestions to the students, particularly those who come from vernacular medium, to get rid of inhibitions.
The students, who come from vernacular medium lack confidence due to various reasons like their family background, school environment, etc. Most of them don't have specific ambition in their life. They concentrate to achieve short term goals only. They should have keen interest in learning new things and develop their communication skills (both oral and written) even in their mother tongue, which will make them more confident. They should increase reading habits and also improve their listening skills. They should have focus on their long term goals.

8. "An idle mind is a devil's Workshop"- Do you agree? How do you keep yourself active?
I keep myself busy with studying new courses, learning new things through internet, doing my research in Management, helping/guiding research scholars and taking care of my family.

9. Have you set any future goals in your life?
Short term future goal - Getting Government Job
Long term future goal - Assisting students in their education (physically and financially)

10. You are our College NAAC coordinator; tell us what you think as the most challenging area among the various NAAC criteria? And why you think it is Challenging?
All the criteria are achievable, when we put our effort in proper manner. But, as far as the most challenging area is concerned, Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (Criterion Two) could be mentioned. It is the only criterion which has more weightage (35%) than others. Building and sustaining quality in Teaching and Learning is not an easy task for any educational institution. In my opinion, there is no perfect and effective evaluation for anything. Evaluation is based on the subjective and objective norms. There should be proper co-ordination between these two norms but practically it is very less.