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Literary Club

The Literary Club aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing in them logic and curiosity and to instill in them confidence to speak and write well both in Tamil and English. Competitions of various kinds like Creative Writing, Spell Bee Contest, Quiz, debate, one-act plays, reading etc., are held to enhance their talents that aim at building up the confidence of students in facing various interpersonal activities.


The Literary Club of the college celebrated World Mother Tongue Day on 21/2/2018. Megala of II B.Sc .Bio Chemistry welcomed the gathering. N.Gayathri of III B.Com made a Power Point Presentation on the activities of the Literary Club from the inception. Veeralakshmi of II B.Sc.Bio Chemistry rendered a song “Semmozhiyana Tamilmozhi” . Followed by, Sowmya and Sharmila of III B.Com presented a Talk Show on “World Mother Tongue Day and Interesting facts about languages”. Sheik Irfana Parveen of III B.Com made a speech in Tamil on “History of World Mother Tongue Day and Tamil Language” on the occasion. Mrs. Annie, HOD of English Department and Convener, shared her views on the Importance and the beauty of Mother Tongue in Telegu. Mrs.Gareema, Librarian, also spoke about the importance of Mother Tongue and knowing the Literature of the same, in Hindi. The Principal, Dr. R. Gayathri and the Vice Principal, Mrs. K.T. Hema made Special Remarks and insisted on giving regard to our Mother Tongue and speaking properly. The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Mahalakshmi of II B.Com. Jabaraj of III B.Com and Pooja of II B.Com did the Master of Ceremony.


Date: July 28, 2017
Objective of the Programme:
• To install new office bearers for the academic year 2017 – 18.
• PPT on Literary Club activities from the inception of the club.
Resource Person:
Mr.S.Rajeshkannan, Asst.Professor, Head-incharge, Dept. of ISM.
Brief Description:
The programme started at 10.00 A.M. S.Sowmya of III B.Com welcomed the gathering. B.Mahalakshmi of IIB.Com presented a PPT on Literary Club activities from the inception of the club. The Principal, Dr.R.Gayathri installed the badges to the Office Bearers:
S.Sowmya- III – President
I.Divya- III B.Corp- Vice-President
Veeralakshmi- II Bio- Secretary
Jabaraj- III B.Com- Co-ordinator
The Vice Principal, Mrs.K.T.Hema installed the badges to the Executive Members:
Megala- II Bio and B.Mahalakshmi- II B.Com- Cultural Wing
Kavitha and Sharmila- III B.Com- E-Journal Wing
Rajasekar III and Indhumathi- II BCA - Competition Wing
Followed by, the Principal gave the Inaugural address. Mr.S.Rajeshkannan, Asst.Professor, Dept. of Commerce gave a guest lecture on “Traits of an Ideal Student”. At the end of the session a quiz was conducted based on the PPT and the guest lecture and the winners were given prizes. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks of by S.Sharmila of III B.Com
Students were excited about the programme especially the PPT is instructive.


The Literary Club celebrated World Mother Tongue Day, observing the theme “Life, Language and Literature” on 21 February 2017. S.Karthikeyan, President of the club welcomed the gathering. Dr.V.Ganapathy, Department of Tamil presented a Musical Discourse in Tamil on various poets and their works in Tamil language. Followed by, Mr.Rajeshkannan, Department of Commerce, made a PPT on “Commandments of Communication in English”. The programme continued with a presentation on Thirukkural and its representation on Life, Language and Literature, by Sheik Irfana Pareveen of II B.Com. Lavanya and Sushmitha of I B.Com, made a poetry recitation on “The Different History” by Sujatha Bhatt. S.Karthikeyan, III M.Sc.(CST), presented a PPT on various information about Tamil language, Karthika and Praveena of I B.Sc(C.S),made a presentation on “Amazing Facts about Languages” in English. A Comedy Show on the “Importance of Learning” was enacted in Tamil by Manoj Kumar, Nagaraj and Karthik of III B.Sc(CS). Sanoli of I B.Com presented “Know your English” with some interesting details about English language.
From Tamil and English PPT, two questions each were asked to the audience and the first and second prizes were announced. List of prize winners is as follows:
Tamil- I prize- S.Gayathri- I Bio
II prize- Madhan- I B.Com
English- I prize- D.Vigneshwar- III M.Sc(CST)
II prize- Kavipriyan- III M.Sc(CST)
A token of appreciation was given to Prakash of I B.Com, who participated in Tongue Twister in English. The Principal made the special remarks on the occasion. The Principal and the Vice Principal distributed prizes to the winners. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Sowmya of II B.Com.

Report of Literacy Day

Commemorating the 50th year of international literacy day, the club members along with Department of English inaugurated the Literary Club in Elango Arangam at 10.45 a.m. on 8 September 2016. Students of various departments performed cultural activities like Ghana song (on praising motherhood and Literacy), Mime (presenting various forms of illiteracy), Comedy Dharbar with a theme of "Importance of literacy" and A presentation on Child Labour . Competitions on News Reading, Bi-lingual Translation and Debate in Tamil were held and the winners were awarded prizes.

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