1. Mrs.Garima Jaishankar


  1. Mr.S.Jawahar -
  2. Mrs.Garima Jaishankar
  3. Mr.S.Rajesh Kannan
  4. Mrs.R.Samundeeswari
  5. Mrs.K.Bhuvaneswari
  6. Mr.B.Ezhilan


Working Hours: 9.15 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.


  • Total no. of Books : 7896
  • Total no. of Newspapers: 9
  • Total no. of Journals: 12
  • Total no. of Magazines: 2


  1. International Journal of Networks & Applications
  2. Journal of Computer Science & Applications
  3. Indian Journal of Image Processing & Techniques
  4. Indian Journal of Information Security & Computer
  5. International Journal of Computing & Information Technology
  6. International Journal of Data Warehousing
  7. Journal of Accounting & Finance
  8. International Journal of Financial Management
  9. Indian Journal of Marketing
  10. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
  11. Journal of Entrepreneurship
  12. Journal of Biosciences

News Letters:

  1. Nutrition News, a newsletter published by National Institute of Nutrition.
  2. BPNI (Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India) Bulletin.


  • Reference
  • Lending
  • P.G.Reading Room
  • Book Bank
  • Current Awareness
  • Reprography


  • Fully automated library transactions.
  • Every student must possess Library Card (College ID) while making use of the Library facility.
  • Two Books for UG, 3 books for PG students and 5 books for staff will be issued against one Reader's Ticket for specific number of days.(14 days for students and 30 days for staff).
  • Books will be issued by the Librarian and due date & stamp will be checked by the assistant librarian at checkout point.
  • During the library hours the library users will be closely monitored at the time of check in and checkout point.
  • Book renewals is allowed only once on the due date.
  • Borrowed books should be returned on the due date, failing by which a fine of Rs.2/- per day will be charged.
  • Loss of borrowed books have to be reported immediately to the Librarian.
  • Reference books and periodicals will not be issued.
  • Books must be handled with great care, and mutilation of books in any manner will be heavily fined.
  • A borrowed book, should be returned immediately on the demand of librarian on any account.
  • Verify your transaction details through your login ID and password from the provided system in the library.
  • Library is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.


  • Working Hours of library is from 9.15am to 4.00pm (all working days of college)
  • All the students are eligible for library membership.
  • Every library user (Students and Staff) must sign in the Library Gate Register.
  • SILENCE should be maintained in the library.
  • Leave your bags, handbags and personal belongings at the property counters.
  • Carry your ID Cards at all times & produce them on demand.
  • Avoid using mobile phones inside the library.
  • Maintain discipline in the library.
  • Maintain a queue at Circulation counter.
  • Keep the library clean. Use dustbins provided in the library.
  • The college Leaving Certificate or Transfer Certificate will be issued to students only after they return all the Library books and clear all library dues.
  • Taking pictures, bringing beverages and refreshments are not allowed inside the library.


DEPARTMENT/CLUB: Organized by College Library
TITLE: Inauguration of P.G. Reading Room by Dr. A.V. Rajagopalan
DATE & VENUE: 11.1.2017 & Library
OBJECTIVE OF THE PROGRAMME/EVENT: The objective of the programme was to honour Dr. A.V.Rajagopalan for his contributions to the college library. The target audience were PG students as the room was meant exclusively for the reading and reference purpose of PG students.
SPEAKERS/FACILITATORS/CHIEF GUEST: Dr. A.V. Rajagopalan was the chief guest. He was not only a retired Professor but his love for books is appreciable.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The "Dr. A.V. Rajagopalan PG Reading Room" was inaugurated on 11.1.2017 by Dr. A.V. Rajagopalan in the presence of honourable Secretary, Mr. G. Balakrishnan, Vice-President, Education and Training, ICL, Dr. S. Venkatraman, our Principal, Dr. R. Gayathri , HODs of all the departments and PG students of our college. He spoke about his life journey to PG students and Staff members.

Book Review - Report

DEPARTMENT/CLUB: Organized by College Library.
DATE & VENUE: 8.2.2017 & Library
OBJECTIVE OF THE PROGRAMME/EVENT: The objective of the programme was to check the understanding about the book by the students and exhibit their writing skills; attract more students into library; promote reading and writing habits among the students and know their interest.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The programme started with a brief introduction by Librarian. Students were allowed to choose any book of their choice in any language and asked to write a small review about the book in not more than 200 words. The students were allotted 3 hours from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM so that they had enough time to read a book and write a review on it. A total of 48 students participated with zeal from various departments.
FEEDBACK: The feedback was taken in the prescribed format.


October 16, the birthday of Noah Webster, a lexicographer, and spelling reformer, was commemorated as Dictionary Day. The college library committee organised a dictionary based competition for our students. The event took place on 28 September 2016 at the college library with nearly thirty five students from various departments. The test consisted of multiple choice questions wherein students were supposed to tick the right answer and arrange all the answers in dictionary order.
To develop the understanding on usage of Dictionary, a powerpoint presentation was made to students in College Auditorium. The presenter, Ms. Sabitha, Department of Business Administration explained the presentation to all the first year students of the college on 3 October,2016. Ms. Charumathy, Department of English explained the powerpoint presentation to second year students on 4 October. As teachers believe that with the use of a dictionary, students will become more interested in reading and will have a better grasp of English, some students among the audience were called on stage and were given a word and dictionary. They were told to find out the location of the word along with the meaning in dictionary.
The primary purpose of this event was to help our students gain a deeper understanding of Dictionary such as about usage, finding the meaning, spelling or other details.
The programme came to a conclusion with the announcement of three winners by Ms. Garima Jaishankar, Librarian;
Ist prize: E. Mohanasundaram from II B.Com (B)
IInd prize: J. Sivakumar from II B.Com (B)
IIIrd prize: M. Malathi from II B.COM (ISM)


T.S.Narayanaswami College of Arts and Science celebrated Library Day on 16 August 2016, commemorating the birthday of Dr.S.R.Ranganathan. The main objective of celebrating this day was to give awareness about the Library and its usage. The ultimate aim was to inculcate reading habits among the students. A PowerPoint Presentation was made by B. Mahalakshmi of I B.Com (B) on the topic "Libraries in Tamil Nadu". A competition, Reading a Book (English) was conducted on the occasion. The Competition was conducted in order to improve the students' reading skills and also to make them come out of their inhibitions.
Winners of the various Competitions
Reading a Book
I Prize: B. Mahalakshmi of I B.Com (A)
II Prize: B.K. Karthika of I B.Sc. (Comp. Sc.)
III Prize: E. Ishwarya of II B.Com (B) and S. Balachandar of I B.Sc(Comp. Sc.)
Mix N Match
I Prize: J ShekIrfanaParveen of II B.Com (A)
II Prize: S. Sharmila of II B.Com (B)
III Prize: S. Kavitha of II B.Com (B)
Find a Book
I Prize: K. Lavanya of I B.Com (B)
II Prize: S. Vignesh of II B.com ISM
III Prize: S. Mahalakshmi of III B.com ISM

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