Dr. N.Leela M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,NET.,MBA.,SET.,PGDM.,PGDFM


Tell us briefly about yourself
I was born and raised in Periya Sekkanur Village, Vellore Dist in an orthodox family. I did schooling in Vellore District, UG at Chellamal Women’s College, PG at Gurunak College and M. Phil at Madras University. I completed Ph. D in Thiruvallur University. I have strong faith in God. My Strengths are hard working, Self Motivating, Self disciplined and dedicated towards my work. My ethics is honesty and truthfulness. My attitude is respecting elders, teachers and guru. My hobbies are reading Spiritual Books, Subject Books and listening to Spiritual Music. I have strong interest in Finance, Accounting and Law subjects.

Share your experience as a spiritual person
I strongly believe that every action has reaction, which is karma. That is spiritual principle of cause and effect, where intent and action of an individual influence the future of that individual. This life is only a journey to next life. So, we have to choose the correct path to next life. Spiritualism will contribute to the spiritual progress of humanity and destroys the prejudices of religious sects and social classes.

As a senior faculty, how you cherish teaching profession?
I think, it’s God’s gift that I have been in this Noble profession of teaching. Teaching is not a mere job, but is to mingle and deal with students of different mind set and act in different roles in different situations for grooming them. We cherish teaching by preparing lessons, class room teaching, evaluating student’s progress and motivating the students. Many times, our role becomes multifacet, the mother, sister, guardian and the mentor. We pay attention to students’ academic and non-academic issues and strive to solve it.

What are the unique and innovative measures you have taken in your department to improve the students?
Our role is unique, as we support and groom the students hail from rural background and are first generation learners. We are the resource providers, instructors, curriculum specialists and class room supporters. We take variety of activities like individual care, special attention for slow learners, personality enrichment, class tests, assignments, seminars, guest lectures, subject vise, students’ participation in seminars through ppt, unit test and revision for university examination. We regularly organize outside classroom activities like educational field visit to RBI and other Industrial visits.

What are the arenas available for graduates in Business Administration for higher studies and career?
1. Higher studies for Business Administration Students.
2. Higher study options after BBA.
3. General MBA.
4. Master in Executive programme in Applied Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management.
5. International Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management (MFM).
6. Master in Management Studies (MMS).
7. Master in Retail Management.
8. Master in Marketing Management.
9. Master in Human Resource Development Management.
10. MBA (International Business).
11. Bachelor in Laws.
12. PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management).
13. Post Graduate Diploma in chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
14. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGEM).
15. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations.
16. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial planning and wealth Management.
17. Pursuing CA, ICWA, ACS...
18. Master of social work.
19. Post Graduate in Commerce.
20. Post Graduate in Economics.
21. Short term course offered by SEBI
22. Animation Course.

Carrier opportunities for Business Administration Students.
Banking sector, TNPSC, Defense, UPSC.IAS, IPS IFS IRS management trainee in public , private and government sectors, junior HR, management and marketing related job, executive trainee, marketing related job, teacher, HR consultancy , job in IT and MNC companies, civil supplies, accounts and finance related job in any company and civil supply related job.

Have you witnessed the growth of your students in career aspects? If so share some instances.
I have witnessed the growth of my students in many cases -
Student who belonged to middle class family became CA and settled abroad.
Student with knowledge and positive attitudeis working in MNC company and visited more than 25 countries.
Student from below poverty line, successfully completed UG and PG in our college and settled in corporate sector with decent emoluments.
Student through my mentoring changed a lot in his life and he settled in Canada. Likewise I guided many students, which brought drastic changes in their life.

Could you see any transformation among the students, when they come to final year, compared to their first year?
Students transformation is development in knowledge, skills and attitude. Students are able to project themselves in the final year by doing joint projects. Carreer guidance is given to the students who were ignorant of higher studies in their First year. Many of them joined MBA course in reputed institutions, further to become successful entrepreneurs. Special attention is given to students from vernacular medium to communicate, participate in seminars and give power point presentations in their subject.

What is your view on youngsters entering politics?
Youngsters view a situation with clear perspective and a more educated outlook. They have lot of enthusiasm and potential to help and manage the upcoming generation. But if he / she is selfish and narrow minded it proves to be a great damage to the nation. Moreover, they may not have much knowledge about politics and to lead a political party. They need guidance from a knowledgeable advisor with honesty, integrity and broad mindedness and who are experienced. We can conclude that a proper combination of young and elder people in politics will bring changes positively.

Tell us about your area of research? What was the focus in the past?
My research was “A study on Employees’ Job satisfaction” with special reference to BHEL, Ranipet, Vellore District, Tamilnadu.

Are you interested in doing post- doctoral research? If yes, explain.
I am very much interested to do post doctoral research. The fundamental purpose of a post doctoral experience is to extend, develop and deepen knowledge in the particular field. This paves for the individual development, one of the carrier options for promoting ourselves. It requires learning more and more. I would like to do post - doctoral research in Finance, Social aspects related issues and research for policy making. Post - doctoral provides opportunity for research to demonstrate originality, creativity and productivity.