Mr.S.Jawahar M.Com.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.,MBA.,SET.,NET

HOD, Department of B.Com(Corporate Secretaryship)

1. Give a brief introduction about yourself.
I am from Chennai. I completed my graduation and post graduation in Commerce from A.M.Jain College, M.Phil.,(Commerce) in D.G. Vaishnav College, B.Ed and M.Ed from Madurai Kamaraj University and M.B.A from Tamil Nadu Open University. I have also cleared SET and NET. I am with TSN College for the last 2 decades, prior to which I had stints with Sindhi College, D.G.Vaishnav College and RKM Vivekananda College. As teaching is my passion, I enjoy being associated with younger generation and in instrumenting their future.

2. Which comes first for you: Career growth, academic excellence or Student development?
Academic Excellence comes first, as I believe. Holistic growth and development in academics will build a strong India.

3. Share with us about your views on the students of your department ,who have impressed you with their attitude/academic interest/ special characteristics.
I have had diverse set of students, who impressed me with their excellent academic, attitude and behaviour. Many through their inquisitive pursuit have grown through in their own chosen field. Their excellence in the real world gives me immense happiness and joy.

4. How do you create awareness on the importance of education and career among the parents of first generation learners?
With the growth of economy and many of our Indian families exploring avenues to grow, we do have first generation learners. Igniting such people to pursue their dreams by using education as a lever, gives enormous personal satisfaction. Their parents do relate much to the improvement in lifestyle and the need for educating their kids, which enable in creating awareness.

5. Name some of the entrepreneurs,(national/international) who inspired you. I look up to Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Narayanamurthy , Lakshmi Mittal, AzimPremji and some of my own students for their entrepreneurial drive.

6. Do you encourage your students to become entrepreneurs? If yes, how? Of course, Yes. By sharing inspiring real life stories of successful businessmen and showing examples of how in entrepreneurship, there is direct relationship between sincere hard work and income, I motivate my students to gain knowledge on entrepreneurship.

7. You and TSN College: this is a long association: describe the journey with TSN College.
I am glad to be associated with TSN College for about 2 decades of my professional journey. I had the opportunity to play different roles like Academic council member, Chief Superintendent of University Examination, H.O.D, Convenor of college committees and CMG member. These roles helped me to learn and contribute to the institute.

8. You were the Chief Superintendent of University Examinations, twice. Share your experience in conducting the exams.
Being the Chief Superintendent of University Examinations is an interesting phase. The students, after intense preparation come up to an important juncture to exhibit their potential. Doing the right and appropriate is the crux in conducting the exams. Handling multiple tasks was highly challenging. It was also a learning process, which taught me how to handle situations.

9. What are the innovative measures to be added in the library in our college? Express your views as the convener of Library.
Igniting our students to gain knowledge is the primary need. Our students can look up to various resources in our library and other online MOOCs to learn. Some of the other aspects are: OPAC (online public access of catalogue) and access of online Journals. Intense reading and references will broaden their wisdom.

10. You seem to be a calm and composed person. How do you face challenges in life? Give a few tips.
A calm lake let's you look through! In any situation where you are in a calm state, you look through the situation and perform what is right. In addition, I do prepare, do the ground work, consult experts and seek views and do what is appropriate. Have a plan B by being prepared for unexpected thing.