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The Department of Corporate Secretaryship was established in 1996-1997 and offers UG program. The program provides access to the highest quality of business education as a means of achieving intellectual and professional goals. This job oriented course covers subjects like Entrepreneurial Development, Accountancy, Law, Taxation etc., This course offers supervised institutional training which gives adequate exposure to students on the practical aspects of corporate management. The course enables students to pursue higher studies- MBA, ACA, ICWA, ACS and to take up attractive jobs in the corporate world.

Industrial Visit

  • 35 III B.Com (CS) students with one faculty Mrs.S.Hemalatha went on an Industrial Visit to Ventura Lighting India ltd,.., and Celebrity Fashions ltd on 12-08-2016.
  • This Visit helped our students to understand the manufacturing process, Working environment, organisation policy and Management techniques adopted to enhance production.
  • It was an informative and interesting visit.


  • On 7th September 2016, Department of Corporate Secretaryship, T.S. Narayanaswami College of Arts and Science had organized an Industrial Visit to RBI for 30 students, accompanied by Mr. SARAVANAN K. The visit was to RBI, Regional office, Chennai.
  • RBI staff educated the students on the following topics with charts, models, exhibits, kiosk digital display, Audio Visual presentations:
    1. Origin of RBI
    2. Various functions of RBI
    3. RBI Governors and their period of service
    4. Types of bank account and how to open them
    5. Indian Financial System
    6. Electronic transfer of funds
    7. Identification of fake currency notes
    8. Various currencies and coins issued by RBI
    9. Regulations of RBI to banks
    10. Various Investment avenues
    11. How to plan for savings by Individuals
    12. Commodity markets
    13. Money market and capital market
    14. Types of banks
    15. Monetary policy
  • The kit consisting of RBI brouchers were distributed to students and staff by RBI. The Industrial visit concluded with a questions and answer session.

Guest lecture on Investment Awareness

  • The Department of Corporate Secretaryship conducted a guest lecture on the topic INVESTMENT AWARENESS on 22nd July 2016.
  • Mr.Ramesh Shankar, SEBI Resource person enlightened us on the insurance sector and highlighted the important points in investment with respect to today’s economic scenario.
  • He cleared some myths related to financial investment. He also imparted knowledge about different types of savings, bank loans.

Theme for the month of August

The Department of corporate sectretaryship conducted the following activities in marketing throughout the month of August 2016.

  • Best Advertisement was displayed daily in the notice board enclosing a write up about the advertisement.
  • Non-commerce students were educated about the theme ‘Marketing’ through a power point presentation.
  • Inter-Departmental Audio-Visual Quiz competition was conducted on 21st September 2016.
  • Inter-Departmental Advertisement copy design competition was conducted on 23rd September 2016 .
  • For Three days Exhibition was conducted to enlighten students on the theme Marketing Trends.

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