The Department of Business Administration was started in the year 1996.The Department has qualified and experienced faculty members. The students of the Department are not only given class room teaching, they are also sent to various companies like India Cements and India Cements Capital to give practical exposure.

The students are undergoing internship training as a part and parcel of their curriculum. Industrial and educational field visit are arranged for students every year. The students are placed in leading companies.

Beyond classroom and academics, the Department also conducts various Seminars, Guest Lectures, Workshops and Intra Departmental competition; students are also encouraged to participate in various intercollegiate events and activities.

Educational field visit to RBI, Chennai

Date: August 4, 2017
Venue: RBI, Chennai
Objective of the Programme:
To bring awareness on the major functions of RBI through financial gallery.
Brief Description:
Students of III BBA, III (Corp.) and III (ISM) along with Prof. K. Karuppasamy, Department of Business Administration Prof. S. Jawahar (Corp.) and Dr. N. Mathan (ISM) visited RBI, Chennai.
During the visit the students learned the major functions of RBI through financial gallery. The students learnt the list of activities of RBI which were displayed on the wall. Through a small presentation, Currency Notes printing, features of new currency notes, spoiled notes was demonstrated. It was very useful and informative as it is related to the subjects, like Financial Services, Entrepreneurial Development, Banking etc
The following major activities of RBI through Financial Gallery was learnt during visit:
1. Functions of RBI.
2. Monetary policy formulation.
3. Indian financial system- regulatory architecture.
4. Scheduled Banks structure in India.
5. Deposits in NBFCs.
6. Loans from NBFCs.
7. Business process transactions.
8. ICT based financial inclusion.
9. Payment and settlement system.
10. Financial market.
11. Bank Account: Key to all other services.
12. Banks specialised financial institutions.
13. Financial awareness message.
14. Features of Currency New Notes of Rs.500 and Rs.2000.
15. Currency management means designing, producing, storing, issuing, removing and destroying currency notes and coins.
16. Indian Coinage.
- Ancient coins
- Medieval coins
- Modern coins.

Homage to Dr. A.P.J on his Second Death Anniversary

Date: July 27, 2017
Venue: College Campus
Objective of the Programme:
To render homage to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.
Brief Description:
Students of BBA Department presented brief introduction about life and achievements of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam, Former President of India. Tamilarasi of I BBA narrated history and books published by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam. Muthukumar of III BBA presented Dr.A.P. J Abdul kalam's Dreams, thoughts and advices for youngsters. Dhanalakashmi of III BBA presented his achievements and awards received by him. Prof.K.T.Hema, Vice principal, Dr.N.Leela, HOD of BBA, Dr. Srividhya , NSS co-coordinator , Prof. Baskar, Rotaract Committee member, Prof. K. Karuppsamy of BBA, Prof. G. Annie Rajani Priya , HOD of English Department, Dr. V. Ganapathy of Tamil Department and Staff members from other Departments were present and rendered homage to Dr. Kalam along with BBA students, NSS and Rotract students.

Inauguration of BBA Department Association and Guest Lecture

Date: July 19, 2017
Venue: SMART Room
Objective of the Programme:
To educate on the meaning of Microfinance, its Origin, Growth and History at the world level with special reference to the Indian subcontinent.
Chief Guest:
Thiru.D.Ravi Kumar, Senior Vice President, SHG Operations, M/s Madura Microfinance Ltd.
Brief Description:
The Department of Business Administration (BBA) organized a Guest lecture on 19 July 2017 on "Overview of Microfinance Industry and its Evolution over Two Decades" to final year students of BBA, B.Com, B.Com (ISM) and M.Com. The Principal Dr.R.Gayathri gave welcome address. The Secretary Shri.V.Balasubramanian rendered Presidential address. The Guest addressed on the meaning of Microfinance, its Origin and History, Growth of Microfinance at the world level, and in the Indian subcontinent. He further explained on financial inclusive of Microfinance, and the opportunities of Microfinance through tables and diagrams. He briefed the growth of Microfinance over two decades, like Grameen Bank, Bank linkage with SHG, SHG, JLG etc., differences between Microfinance and Microcredit, impact of Microfinance in society. He gave an introduction of Madura Microfinance Ltd, the employment opportunities available and CSR activities. Nearly 100 students participated in the programme. The programme was successfully conducted by the support of the Management, Secretary, Vice President, and Principal. The entire programme was co-ordinated and organized by Dr.N.Leela, H.O.D. and Mr.K.Karuppasamy, Assistant Professor.

Pre programme event on Micro Finance

Date: July 18, 2017
Venue: SMART Room
Objective of the Programme:
To give a brief prior information on upcoming guest-lecture, Overview of Micro Finance industry and its evolution over 2 decades on 19.7.2017.
Brief Description:
Final year students of BBA,, and students assembled in the Smart room at 1.50 pm for the pre programme event. Dr.N.Leela. welcomed the gathering and addressed on the meaning of micro finance, features, History and pioneers, concepts, Nobel Prize Winner, customers, repayment mechanism, institutions initiating micro finance and eligibility criteria. She also briefed about Chief Guest and Speaker Thiru. Ravi Kumar, Sr VP, SHG operations, M/S Madura Micro Finance Ltd. Prof. K. Karuppasamy narrated the various schemes of micro finance. Students were also given opportunities to see brief history and products offered by M/S Madura Micro Finance Ltd by referring website. Dr. N. Leela extended thanks to all the participations of the programme. Prof. Annie Rajani Priya, HOD of English Department, Prof. Baskar of Computer Science, Prof. Venkatesh, Prof.Sripriya and Prof. Vedamanikkam of Commerce attended the programme.

Report of SEBI workshop held on 23-1-2017

Department of BBA Organized a Seminar Cum Workshop on Financial Planning for young Investor on 23.1.17 at 12.30 pm in Thrivalluvar Block.
Seminar was introduced by Dr.N.Leela. The Chief Guest Mr.Ramesh Shankar, SEBI Resource Person addressed on various type of Income, Expenditure, Savings, Shares, Debentures and Bonds. He emphasized to create small savings habits to our college students. He explained how to invest the money in the share market. The programme was useful to our students and staff members.50 students from BBA and 15 B.comISM students attended the Programme. Prof.K. Karuppaswammy presented vote of thanks.

Report of school Program held on 22/7/2016 at Govt Hr.Sec. School, Sholinganalur.

The Department of Business Administration Organized a School Program for 12th std students of Government Hr. Sec. School, Sholinganallur , Chennai on 22.7.16. Lecturers K.Karuppaswamy and Dr.J.Sadeesh gave an introduction of the college and dwelt on Personality Enrichment, Self-Motivation and Discipline at Govt. Hr.Sec. School, Sholinganalur. The Principal of the school arranged 200 XII STD students of all disciplines to attend the program.
Dr.J.Sadeesh addressed about our college , courses offered , fees structure, Govt scholarship and infrastructure facilities. Prof.K.Karuppaswamy delivered on Personality Enrichment, Self-Motivation and Discipline. Their talk was very much appreciated by students and staff. Feedback forms were collected from 192 students.

INAUGURATION OF BBA Department 2016-'17

The Department Inaugural function was held on 13 July 2016. The Chief Guest, Dr. DEVANBU, DIRECTOR OF ACDS delivered a speech on "Self Employment for Youngsters". His speech briefly covered what is self-employment, Importance of Self-employment, Qualities required for Self-employment, Areas and Products suitable for Self-employment, Facilities given by Banks, Financial Institutions and Governments, Feature of Self-employment, How to become successful (self-employment) entrepreneurs and Factors To Be Considered Before Self-employment. Students from BBA and B.Com(ISM) were the audience for the topic.

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