Book Bank


1. The books reserved under 'Book Bank' only can be borrowed on loan basis. Other books from the main collection can be borrowed using the library ticket and will follow book borrowing procedures of the main collection.
2. The loan period is two months.
3. The loan period can be extended provided the book is renewed on or before the due date.
4. Books will not be loaned during the semester break period.
5. No student can avail more than three books at a time.
6. Books will be issued to those students who are recommended by the H.O.D on the basis of academic and economic background.
7. Depending upon the availability of the books requested, priority will be given to the students who perform better in their academics.
8. Students who borrow books from book bank must return the entire set of books provided to them by the end of the semester on or before the due date.
9. Borrowed books should be returned on the due date, failing by which a fine of Rs.2/- per day will be charged.
10. In case of any damage or loss of book, the student must replace the volume with a new book.
11. Major and allied text books will be given to the students. Language books will be given depending on availability.
12. Transfer Certificate or College Leaving Certificate will be issued to the students only after they return all the library books (main collection and book bank) and clear all the library dues.

Book Bank Form

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